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Video & animation

We treat video as a holistic form of storytelling in itself, not just a medium. With the meteoric and disruptive rise of digital video, we stay at the frontier of this ever evolving technology.

Story ConceptualiSation

Making a film is not just about turning on a camera and shooting. With our experience and attention to detail, we know that developing an outline and story is key, before the camera is even turned on. In this process we like to involve clients as collaborators and develop a story together. This way, we create something that fits the best medium of expression and tells the story.


We now come to, arguably, the most known part of visual storytelling. With all the preparatory details in place, production can go smoothly. However, we love to leave some room for improvisation as well. We find magic in the unexpected. With a nifty, flexible, and efficient crew, we make big things happen!

Motion Graphics and VFX

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, the need for VFX and animations is ever increasing. We know that it's the story that drives the form. So, having a double skill advantage with live action cinematography and VFX, we make a versatile range of videos!


Apart from mainly moving images, we indulge in photography as well. Still photography, is a very valuable art form that helps us perfect our composition skills and teaches one the value of patience and getting the perfect shot!

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