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A website without a target serves no purpose. Why would you spend a lot of money on something if you cannot explain the reasoning? At the start of a project, together with our client, we first determine the strategy. This is actually nothing more than the ‘why?’ and ‘for who?’ do we develop the digital product. This way we create clear targets en measurable results.

Stating the obvious

We always start with a benchmark. What is your status at this moment? Although it feels like stating the obvious, a starting point does give you something to look back at. It is to show how much you actually grew. Having academic power in this company, we love to emphasize our conclusions with statistics. The benchmark is followed up by our research. Hard numbers are always a good base.

the right place at the right time

You need to know when people are ready. Being ahead makes you innovative, being too far ahead makes you a lunatic.

The key to service design...

...is to find out what the touchpoints of your customer are. When is the time to interact? How can we make that interaction as smooth as possible? We love to sketch out the customer journey that shows us these moments. How can we enhance the customers' journey by smoothly reaching his goal. This is the first input for our experience design; to create a user experience that is as awesome as possible.

What is my question?

Do you want to find out what your strategy is? Or are you wondering what your question actually is? Please send us a message! We are happy to deliver creative solutions for your digital problems.

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