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Custom CMS

Our custom Content Management System (CMS) allows our clients to easily manage and maintain their website. The CMS provides ready-to-use tools which give the user full control over both content and layout of their website. With drag 'n drop interfaces and inline editing possibilities, we've provided a scalable, robust and very easy to use framework on which websites of any shape and size can be built.

A CMS for everyone

Using our CMS, anyone can maintain a modern and responsive website . Out of the box, you're provided with easy to use drag 'n drop interfaces, multilingual features and tools for editing your content and layout directly in the page. Easy to learn; easy to teach!

ridiculously Easy

Drag 'n drop the items you require and edit content directly in your website:
What you see is what you get!

passionately developed

We want to give our clients full control over their website, without them having to go through a steep learning curve or having to compromise functionality or design. Our CMS is built on top of Concrete5. This open source CMS combines great extendibility with great usability. The custom features we've added allow for rapid development, fool proof responsive design and an even greater experience for the user. With our CMS we can build anything from event websites to journey planners for public transportation.

If you're wondering if we can create a custom CMS solution for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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