Streetlight Evolution

Friday 8th of January 2016

course: Student-initiated Project

Streetlight Evolution is all about attention. Attention for the beauty of everyday items that usually go unnoticed, such as street lights. Attention for their history. Attention for the engineers behind them. The street lights are placed in a bouquet formation, which makes the light posts put each other in the spotlight. This invites the spectator to look at the light posts, instead of merely their gleam.

Streetlight Evolution is a work of art designed by 12 honours students and was exhibited at the Amsterdam Light Festival. 

Students involved:

Koen Fraijman, Stefan van der Heijden, Babette Schep, Daniƫl Kappelle, Emma Schalkers, Hoessein Alkisaei, Jozine Bouma, Angela Greco, Yannick Macken, Nisarg Gandhi, Leona van der Linden and Fuuk van der Scheer