Thursday 10th of December 2015

course: Capita Selecta

The Capita Selecta projects are focussed on providing advice to a company. In this case, a project team of Capita Selecta advised the start-up company Giaura. This company implements a CO2 capturing technology, originally developed as a space technology, into products on earth. Since they were finalizing to enter the aquarium market with their technology, the main questions to the team were centered on: What market is most promising to enter next? What is the best way to enter this market? During the project, the project team performed a market research on the most promising market, identified competitors, Giaura's key selling points and different strategies to enter in this market. Next to the market research, the team developed a technical model to quantify the sizes of the product and to quantify how much development of the Giaura technology is needed for this new product.

Carolien, one of the group members, about the cooperation with Giaura: "It was very motivating to work with Giaura, because they gave us clear directions about the desired results. Interdisciplinary cooperation and adapting our work to the wishes of the client are the most valuable skills our team obtained during this project."

Students involved:

Carolien Arensman, Fabian Brull, Fabian Fool and Bob Hendrikx