Binder – Done That!

Thursday 10th of December 2015

course: Personal Leadership

According to most students, study books are too expensive. Next September, the government support for students will decrease. That is why there is a real need for reducing study costs. A group of students of the honours module Personal Leadership thought about a system of sharing books to reduce study costs. They developed a platform for this, Binder – Done That. Suppliers and demanders will meet each other on the platform.

The team of Binder – Done That has won different awards accordingly, for example the UFD Teamworkprijs. The team will use the money they have won to actually create the platform. In cooperation with Hortis legal advice office, the team is now discovering the possibilities within the boundaries of the law. 

Students involved:

Artiom van den Broek, Jesse Bloemhof, Eva Rikkers, Marije Seinen and Julian Jagtenberg