We are looking for a new board!

Monday 25th of April 2016

Posted by Honours Association

Do you enjoy contributing to the Honours community? Are you excited about the Honours Programme? Become an Honours Board member!

The main task of the Honours Board is contributing to the Honours students community. They are acting as the eyes and ears of the Honours students and have a voice in the Honours advisory board. Other tasks are thinking about Honours education, contacting companies and other external organisations to contribute to the Honours community and education, and organizing various activities and events for students.

The Honours Board 2016 - 2017 will exist of three Honours students from different faculties. Besides working on joint activities and contributing to the Honours community, each member has its own focus, i.e: education, activities, and external.

As a ‘Board member education' you are, among others, present at 6-weekly Advisory Board meetings, maintaining close contact with students (via Facebook and the newsletter) and faculty coordinators, and thinking about the Honours education. Your focus is mainly internal.

As a ‘Board member activities’ you are primarily engaged in organizing a wide variety of activities and events, such as lunch lectures, excursions and 'get togethers' with Honours students. You are also the point of contact for other sub-committees.

As a 'Board member external' you are, among other things, in contact with various companies and other external organisations, you maintain close contact with others Honours associations in the Netherlands or abroad, and you are partly responsible for the content of the Honours Platform website. You will also assist in organising the Honours Network Day. Furthermore, you will be responsible for the boards’ own budget.

Interested? We are asking for the following skills and competences: being able to contribute to common Honours Programme goals, results-oriented, proactive, inventive and open to diverse ideas, opinions, changes and developments.

Enthusiastic? Send an email, no later than May 7th, with your motivation (why do you apply, what will be your focus and what difference do you think you are going to make) and résumé to bestuur-hpd@tudelft.nl.