Presentations IDE students

Thursday 22nd of December 2016

Posted by Honours Association

As the honours master programme is done mostly on an individual bases, we rarely see what work, blood, sweat and tears the honours master students put into it. So, let’s share some of the results of their work. We went to IDE for the honours master seminar where 6 master honours students shared their results on their honours project and asked the audience for feedback on their projects.

Two of the honours students, Joana and Niya, spoke to us about their project and honours programme. They shared some of their surprising insights.Niya: “during my project I got the chance to work on and further develop and implement the new way of working of a department KLM created a bit over a year ago to accelerate its pace of innovation – the X-Gates. Therefore, one of my main tasks was helping people with no design background to use and do design. As such, the most surprising insight for me was that once you figure out how to communicate clearly and in a very simple way, people will trust you and do better than you’ve hoped.”

Joana:from my experience, the Master Honours Programme offers the possibility to explore any area you are interested in because there is room for everything. At the same time, there are so many areas in which you can do research on and contribute to society development that can be overwhelming! However, the challenge is to find that one particular thing that interest you the most and in which you can have a meaningful contribution to the world”

And what did the Honours Programme bring you personally?

Niya: “The honours programme brought me many things. Among them, the chance to work on a topic I’m truly interested in, the freedom to explore it from different perspectives and create real tangible value and impact. It was also the opportunity to work with an amazing mentor who inspires and challenges me and always knows how to get me un-stuck.”

Joana: “In general, I'm a very open person to share my work process with others and I truly believe in the value of collaborating between people. Nevertheless, as I chose to develop the Master Honours Programme as a personal exploration project, I was a little bit shy to share my research. However, once I conducted my seminar, I was positively surprised of how many interesting feedback I received and it reinforced the idea that people can provide different perspectives on the same topic making the research much more interesting and complete”.

The posters of all students can be seen below. We would love to share more of your honours stories. When you want to tell us something about your personal honours project or when there is a seminar at your faculty, please let us know at