Leiden Leadership Programme

Monday 15th of May 2017

Posted by Honours Association

The class of 2017 for the Leiden Leadership Programme (LLP) 2017 is recruited.

And YOU can be part of it!

The Leiden Leadership Programme for (upcoming) Master’s students 

This programme is in Dutch! Don't you speak Dutch? Read about the International Leiden Leadership Programme below. 

Some things in life cannot be expresses in money or study points, but you’ll receive 20 ETCS nevertheless. A very professionally organised program with hands-on experience (trainings), theory (seminars) and a practical assignment within a company, government or non-profit (your pick!) A unique chance to acquire knowledge and experience, besides your technical knowledge, that makes you effective and efficient when working in teams, and conveying knowledge to others, to motivate and become sensitive when team work doesn’t run smoothly. Technology and engineering is fun, but when you’re not winning over anyone, your behaviour is not effective, or group dynamics are hampered, you will grind to a standstill; not reaching your goal. The LLP teaches you to deal with such situations and teaches you how you do reach your goals. What leadership styles exist and how do they work in different contexts? What leadership style fits you?

What is leadership, good leadership, bad leadership, your leadership style, theory, trainings, hands-on experience, anecdotal references, well known speakers from the academic world, political leaders and the industry, and much more: the LLP, if you want to work on your personal development and create a better version of yourself.

The International Leiden Leadership Programme (ILLP) is available for English speaking international students for 5 EC (similar to the Leiden Leadership Programme, but slimmed down and without a practical assignment).

Admission is for all motivated (upcoming) master students; both students with high and lower grades are welcome to apply. If you are a TU Delft Honours student you are allowed to incorporate the (I)LLP into your TU Delft Honours Program (and rightly so, a unique chance!).

In-house days

Study Program

Two (Dutch) promo videos

I learned about the LLP from other students and I am grateful for that. This is the reason I want to share this with you: maybe you have a (latent) interest in leadership. If so, this is your chance to press forward and embrace an interesting year!

I wish upcoming participants a very exhilarating, insightful, heart-warming, confronting, exciting and educational time.

-- Ben Hup