Innovating for Asics

Thursday 12th of May 2016

Posted by Honours Platform

The interdisciplinary honours course Design Thinking (DTCO) is all about making design thinking theory practical by connecting students to vibrant companies. The creative power of honours students is linked to the challenges of professional organizations, leading to a valuable outside perspective and lots of new insights & concepts for the company to use. This year the students of DTCO were challenged by sport brand Asics to improve their e-commerce conversion rate.

Friday, the 22nd of April, at the Prinsenhof Delft six student teams pitched their refreshing insights and inspiring solutions. Current challenges were carefully illustrated and the quality of the solutions to those challenges were of a very high standard, according to Asics.

The winning team aimed to improve the ‘checking out experience’ on Asics website. Checking out and payment is a very big low in the customer journey of purchasing online, and this is where Asics loses a lot of customers. Instead of making payment more pleasant the students decided to bridge the canyon of checking out. Just before and immediately after the process of checking out they designed pillars to stimulate the customer to cross the bridge and complete the process of checking out. The first pillar provides the customer with an incentive, like free shoelaces while being shoes, to convince them to complete payment. The second pillar offers the customer immediate benefits in usage, like running tracks within the vicinity of the customers shipping address. This pull & reward system of checking out was named winner and every team member was offered a gift certificate to buy Asics products. Check the illustration for a graphical representation of their concept.