Generaal Middendorp meets Honours Programme Delft

Wednesday 1st of June 2016

Posted by Honours Platform

On Tuesday 19th of April the Honours Programme Delft had the opportunity to meet the Dutch Chief of Defence, general Middendorp. Technology is attaining an ever increasing role in todays society and defence is no exception. General Middendorp mentioned the importance of small and big engineering works in areas that are sometimes taken for granted. Laying down a camp is like building a small city, with facilities spanning from housing and logistics to waste treatment and it is in this area that for example civil engineers are making a difference. One can think of the development of drones, satellites, nanobots or digital warfare. But also in the field of flight engineering and fluid mechanics there is progress to be made, and that is why the Dutch Department of Defence cooperates closely with research organisations such as TNO and other companies for the development and application of emerging technologies. Precisely these technologies are sometimes the decider on the battlefield and it is the duty of a country to make sure that it is aware of these so that one will not be put at a disadvantage. Three examples of TU Delft alumni now working in different areas of defence were presented and with it the stories of their careers and personal developments in areas such as leadership. The evening was closed with a plenary questions session.

The Honours Programme would like to thank Generaal Middendorp and the representatives of the Dutch Army, Air Force, Navy and Marechaussee for this very inspiring evening. Also, we would like to thank the catering and support staff of the TU Delft Aula for their hospitality and Dennis van Rooijen for the pictures.