Aerospace Honours Symposium

Monday 15th of May 2017

Posted by Honours Association

For the past two years the Aerospace Honours students have been striving to solve some of the most challenging problems in the aviation and space. From autonomous drones and wind turbines to space debris and rocketry, their research projects cover every field of aeronautics and astronautics. On April 25th, they shared all the intimate details of their research with the Honours community during the Aerospace Honours Symposium.

This was just the second edition of the Aerospace Honours Symposium. This year’s graduating class is considerably larger than the inaugural so the event was in the form of poster presentations. This allowed for an interactive event where guests could get personal attention from each of the students.

Apart from curious Aerospace students, the venue was full with academic staff and industry professionals. Students from other faculties also commented that the presenters did a great job at explaining their research to people with no aerospace background.

The Aerospace Honours Symposium was not only an event where Honours research is presented but also a venue for industry to show how their current efforts reflect the academic work of the Honours students. This was highlighted during several talks given by Richard Cobben, Vice President Engineering, Technology & Quality at Fokker Technologies, Jeroen Rotteveel, Founder and CEO of ISISpace, Sam Wartan, Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President of KLM Engineering & Maintenance and Alexander Vanwelsenaere, Junior Aviation Consultant at To70 Aviation.

The Honours research at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering does not stop here. The second year students are currently busy with research of their own that they will present during next year’s Aerospace Honours Symposium. So, tune in and do not miss the event!