Aerospace Honours Symposium

Thursday 23rd of March 2017

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Aerospace Honours Symposium

The graduating students from the Aerospace Engineering Bachelor Honours Programme have done outstanding work during the past two years. They have strived to solve some of the most challenging problems in the aviation and space fields and are excited to share their results with fellow students, faculty members and members of industry. If you want to learn about what is happening on the edge of tomorrow in the aerospace sector and to see what the new generation of aerospace engineers have to offer, join the Aerospace Honours Symposium on April 25th.

No prerequisites required

Do not worry if you do not know much about stress concentration in composite structures, aeroacoustics or rocket engine performance analysis, the Honours students will introduce their problems and solutions in a people-friendly manner. Nevertheless, technical questions will be more than welcome during the Q&A and networking sessions.

Members of Academia and Industry will also be there

With many of the professors from the Aerospace Engineering faculty and representatives from the most prominent aerospace companies in the Netherlands present, the Aerospace Honours Symposium is also an excellent networking opportunity for students.

Do you know

How to make an engine more efficient by using CO2?

Why should we zoom in a liquid rocket engine and focus on the droplets?

What could the next generation of rocket propellants be?

How and why to detect space debris the size of a bug?

How to visit as many asteroids as possible with a single spacecraft?

How to protect astronauts from dangerous radiation?

How to control a drone with data?

How to deal with uncertainties in airport design and development?

Why are the front wing endplates shaped as they are?

How to take a closer look to thermal shields?

How to decrease wind turbine noise emissions?

How to model damage in composite panels?

No? Then come to the Aerospace Honours Symposium and find the answers to these questions!

There is only a limited number of seats available, so register now ( Drinks and dinner will also be provided.