2016: the year to be?

Friday 8th of January 2016

Posted by Honours Platform

Best wishes for 2016 from the Honours Programme! We hope you had a festive holiday and that you are ready to start the new year. Perhaps with the resolution to be (even more!) progressive? Throw pessimism and pragmatism over board and remember: power + vision = progression. Exactly what we need to build a strong community. To inspire you, a short animated movie about the power of a strong bold vision: A tale of power & vision

In the honours spotlight: Diederik Samson
What better way to carry out this new year’s resolution with a get together of the HPD community and our special guest Diederik Samson on 10th of February (18:00 – 22:00). From Applied Sciences to Politics! Samson will share how he, as former TU Delft student, eventually landed on the seat of party leader (Partij van de Arbeid). Was it progression that led to his political career?