About Us

At Skopei Digital we are empowered by our mission to be the hothouse for world changing creative ideas that transform our clients' businesses, brands and reputations. We believe that strong relationships with clients help to unleash the transformative power of creativity. Based on the way we manage responsibility, learning, recognition and joy, what clients feel is at the heart of everything we do. An idea is not an idea until people participate in it, and we can help you grow your ideas into businesses!

Photo of Niels Jacobs

Niels Jacobs


Photo of René Smeets

René Smeets

Managing Director / Founder

Photo of Haider Hussain

Haider Hussain


Photo of Luud Jacobs

Luud Jacobs

Lead Developer

Photo of Max van Boxel

Max van Boxel


Photo of Raymond de la Croix

Raymond de la Croix

Web / Android Developer

Photo of Roy van Dooren

Roy van Dooren


Photo of Aurimas Bavarskis

Aurimas Bavarskis


Photo of Aleksandar Asenov

Aleksandar Asenov


Photo of Jan Wymenga

Jan Wymenga

Hardware Developer

Photo of Guido de Vries

Guido de Vries

Back-end Developer

Photo of Yanna Timmerman

Yanna Timmerman


Photo of Lars Wolff

Lars Wolff

Business Developer

Photo of Annemaryn Koedood

Annemaryn Koedood


Photo of Emil Flach

Emil Flach

Web Developer

Photo of Paul van Sommeren

Paul van Sommeren


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